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Acker Home Inspections
For Buyers

What should you expect? A home inspection involves the visual analysis of the readily accessible areas of the home both inside and out. Your inspector will look for potential hazards as well as needed repairs. Utilities (Electric /Gas) must be activated. The inspection will take 2 to 3 hours and will include a thorough visual inspection of: Foundations, Roofs & Gutters, Exterior Walls, Doors & Windows, Siding, Attic Insulation, Porches & Decks, Sidewalks & Driveways, Plumbing & Fixtures, Heating & Cooling Systems, Water Heater, Electrical Fixtures, Switches & Receptacles, Attic, Basement & Crawl Spaces, Electrical Service Panel, Floor Structures, Walls and Ceilings, Kitchen Appliances, and much more! A complete inspection report will be provided onsite or within 24 hours of the initial inspection. Buyers are encouraged to be present during the inspection process so that any questions can be answered. Your inspector will offer maintenance and component operating advice.

For Sellers

The buyer of your home will, in all likely-hood, make the sale contingent upon an inspection. Little can be worse than waiting to hear back from your buyer as to the results of the inspection process. One way you can mitigate this concern is to have a pre-inspection performed. Here are some of the ways a pre-inspection can help.
1. Provides an opportunity of an unbiased assessment of your home.
2. It will aid in the comfort level of your buyer.
3. It may help you to price your home more competitively.
4. If there are areas of concern found, it provides the time to take care of them.
5. Potential issues have less impact on later negotiations.
6. You will have time to mitigate any safety issues relating to radon gas.
7. It can reduce your liability by providing evidence from a professional receipt.
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